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TRANS: /verb/ Go beyond
FORM: /noun/ The body

We are your destination for effective, evidence-based, and empirically-based online education. It's time for your personal and professional transformation!

The 8-Hour Therapist

$299.00 CAD

An 8-week online solution to take control of Mindset, master Emotional Fitness, and achieve EPIC Mental Health overall, so you can be happier, more successful, and dominate your potential in life!


Affordable, Accessible, Effective

Level Up Your Life!

Laser focused sessions you take on your time. Created by leading mental health experts, at a fraction of the cost of traditional counselling therapy. Access on any web-enabled device. Available whenever and wherever you are!

The Kindness Journal

$23.00 CAD

The Kindness Journal is a simple yet powerful tool to help you break unhealthy negative thought patterns, prime your mindset to positive moments, and take self-optimizing actions.


Cheryl Hickey 

Host ET/HGTV, Founder Cheryl's Home and Family

"One of my most special and memorable times of the day is when my kids and I get out our Kindness Journals and write in them. The deep conversations that stem from this are ones I will never forget. Having the journal to look back on, capturing these memories we have created is something I will cherish for years to come."

The Kindness Journal (Digital)

$15.00  $23.00 CAD

The Kindness Journal Digital is your eco-friendly solution for creating a positive mindset, gaining mental clarity, and being happier!


Your sustainable journal solution

Write it or type it! 

Use The Kindness Journal - Digital on your desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet, or phone!


The material provided in the 8-Hour Therapist course was outstanding! As a newer mental health professional, I've become accustomed to dull videos or narration in many courses; this is the complete opposite!


The Kindness Journal is one of the best Journals I ever had. It guides me to be kind every day. I love it!

David U.

Very user-friendly and easy to access. I can listen to the course when I am walking from my mobile. The reading materials provided in the course help me to enhance my learning on the key points. I can use them in my clinical practice.

Yujia Song

Easy-to-use tools such as audio recordings, guided meditations, and workbooks on each topic. Helpful to use along with therapy sessions as an additional resource. I would highly recommend The 8-Hour Therapist!

Lise Fitzsimmons

An excellent and practical guide on using CBT and positive psychology. Not only is it great for anyone looking to make a change in their life but also a great tool for psychotherapists.


Easy to use and really helpful to start thinking positively. I am enjoying using The Kindness Journal each night!


The 8-Hour Therapist has given me the tools to take better care of myself and I’m only half way through! I'm more self aware, I’m learning to pause and rephrase, and to take responsibly for my own feelings. I would strongly recommend this course to any one.

Melody Jackson

After 2 weeks of The 8-Hour Therapist I already see a positive difference in how I approach life!

Issia S.

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